Contract Staffing

Contract Staffing

In the last few years, job market has undergone fundamental changes in terms of expectations, sources of profiles, style of recruitment, competition in the market, advancement in technologies, undue expectations in the minds of people, high time attitude of candidates, poor commitments etc. In this saturated employment market, where organizations are constantly facing new challenges while hiring candidates for the projects which lead to impact on the business very heavily.

Under these circumstances, most of the organizations started hiring Contract employees for Temporary or medium long term requirements – which is a fast and efficient way of handling resource requirements with the gain of no increase of head-count, mitigation from business risks, permanency issues.

Why McOxley

Has a unique solution to address some of the temp staffing challenges – wherein we handle this business model in a professional way

Internal people from the talent pools

We maintain very large data of competent virtual talent pool

Identification of tech and non-tech talents on an On-going basis

We train and make the people ready for deployments

Entered into agreement with small & medium size organizations to deploy their experienced resources through us