Middle Management Leadership

Face of Vision

In the recent past, various researches revealed that most of the employees in an organization are more comfortable voicing opinions with middle level management, wherein they are of the opinion that their inputs are heard, are more likely to be engaged and motivated.

Middle Managers are critical to improving overall engagement and corporate performance. They see the vision at the top of the organization and the pain at the bottom. Middle Managers play essential, if unheralded roles, in an organization. Middle Managers take pressure from the Strategists to achieve every challenging objectives, and they feel pressure from their teams, which do not always understand the direction.

How do you get the best from your middle managers?

In fact, as the level of management that is most closely in touch with every employee in your business, your managers are the conduit for communication and recognition. So bringing middle managers into the relationship management aspects of your business will result in better business outcomes.

Unleash middle managers

  • Strong Layer: Create larger and exciting roles and remove the barriers and encourage for initiative
  • Empowerment: given them the levers and authority to succeed
  • Accelerate leadership skills so that the middle managers have the training and tools to manage effectively
  • Leverage the power of middle managers so they can convey corporate mission & vision and help transform the organization

Share Strategy

Gives them perspective about how their efforts fit into the big picture. It also drives organizational success and get their unique insights and ideas.

Pay Attention

When give closer attention to your middle managers, they may have a greater impact on company performance than almost any other part of the organization

Beyond Dilbert

Effect of the middle managers in a project is not only larger than the creative people, but larger than the rest of the organization

Inform & Inspire

To achieve the plan, make sure to give clarity around your organization's destination points, strategic priorities and key initiatives

Leadership Hiring Approach

Unlocking Potential

We understand the importance of the Leadership Hiring from the organizational development and growth perspective besides business strategies and hence we have designed & implemented a cautious selection model and brought a Very High Level of Maturity Model for this hiring.

Organizational Expectations from Leaders

In a competitive business environment, effective leadership is an essential to meet organizational goals. Some of the Expectations by Leaders and business are:

  • Understanding the vision of the Management and Business
  • Effective Planning
  • Generation of implementable New Ideas
  • Crisis Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • People Development
  • Drive for Results
  • Building effective cross functional / Technical teams
  • Change advocacy
  • Re-Engineer the Business process

Our Approach in hiring Leadership position:

We bridge between our client corporate and candidate(s) and make sure about their level of expectations and after thorough evaluations and analysing the background we initiate the hiring process and complete our cycle after due transformations happened in our client place

Competency Centre

Coach to Success

Competency is the combinations of Knowledge, Skills and Ability to do so. In today's knowledge driven business, each and every role in an organization is expected to be competent to face and address the operational and business challenges for long term strategies.

Competency Mapping

It is a process of identify the key competencies for an organization and / or for a job and incorporating the same throughout various processes like Recruitment, Training & Job Evaluation in an organization

When it comes to Recruitment & Selection - Competency mapping process is to assess the individual's Strengths and weaknesses with an objective to enable the candidate to understand himself / herself and to point out where career development efforts needs to be directed.

List of Key Competencies expected from Managerial candidates:

  • Accountability
  • Analytical thinking
  • Change Advocacy
  • Coaching
  • Communications
  • Conflict Management
  • Customer focus
  • Decision Making
  • Delegation
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Empowerment
  • Facilitation
  • Influencing others
  • Innovation
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Managing Risk
  • Managing Performance
  • Negotiating
  • Partnering
  • Problem Solving
  • Thinking strategically
  • Visioning

Expectations Management

Emotional Intelligence

A Manager has the opportunity to lead, supervise, mentor and motivate the team. However, your ability to do so effectively makes a huge difference to your organization's success. Most of the surveys indicate that fifty percent of the middle Managers fail to meet the expectations of the leaders who promote them due to various reasons.

Core Capabilities

There are three core character traits that a leader must possess:

  • Emotional Maturity - ability to manage own feelings and attitudes
  • Effective Communications
  • Management skills - responsible for motivations, conflict resolution, decision-making, team-building, discipline and delegations.

Additional Expectations:

Be Yourself:

On becoming Manager - most of the individuals assume that they are expected to act differently since they have to manage others. You should continue to be same person before appointment as a Manager or promotion to a position Manager. Managers are promoted based on the judgment of others, and that judgment is based on what was seen in you before you were promoted. If you attempt to completely change your approach or style, you are less likely to be successful

Be a Role Model:

Humans learn first by imitation; your reports will pick up on and follow your behavior. If you want people to admit to mistakes, show them how to do that by admitting to your own. If the honesty and integrity of your employees is important to you, work to make sure your actions line up with your words


Effective listening helps to resolve important issues by allowing others to talk through the problem. Listening allows people to hear themselves think and then to develop solutions.

Emotional Intelligence:

Emotional Intelligence is one of the core competencies that distinguish the most successful leaders and managers. Daniel Goleman identifies five dimensions of EI:

  • Self-awareness - knowing about your personality weakness and strength
  • Self-regulation - ability to control own behaviours in various situations
  • Empathy - ability to put in someone else side to understand better
  • Motivation for self-improvement
  • Social skill - be sensitive to human dynamics and feelings


Time for chance

Following are the requirements for our clients as on date - interested candidates can send the brief profile in a word document along with compensation & contact details to : executivesearch@mcoxley.com

Requirement Exp & Academic Industry Descriptions Location
Chief Medical Officer 20 + yrs exp / MD / MBBS Healthcare Strategic Planning
Hospital Management
Patients care
Quality output
Head - Human Resources 5 - 18+ yrs MBA / MSW Sugar Lead & Drive HR functions
Bridge between Organization & Employees
Employee welfare
HR Policies & Processes
Channel Sales Manager - Electronic Systems 2 - 4 yrs BE / BTech / BSc / MBA IT - Hardware & Networking Identify New clients
Product demo
Client relationship
To meet Sales Target
Manager - EDP (Hospital IT) BE / BTech/ MCA - 10 yrs Hospital System Admin
Implmentation of Hospital Mgmt Systems
Interactions with all the Depts
Business Development Manager - IT Sales Any Graduation
with 4 - 8 yrs Exp
IT New client identifications
Business Presentations
Pre-Sales co-ordinations
Negotiations & Conversion of Leads to Client

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